Beginners Guide to Making Cannabis Oil

When you visit a dispensary, cannabis oil can cause quite a big dent in your pockets, despite the fact that you may not get what you are looking for exactly. With all the brands out there and no quality control as of yet, it can be almost a crap shoot. In that case, why don’t you take matters into your own hands and start making the cannabis oils yourself? What is ...

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Top 10 Cities for Cannabis Consumption

2017 marked the greatest leap in the cannabis movement. With over 29 states and D.C. now legal, big motions being talked about in the federal government and sanctuary cities popping up; our movement is here to stay. With the stigma starting to fade in the country, more people are trying the herb for the first time or starting to openly admit cannabis consumption. Just recently, a study was released of ...

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How to Find a Perfect Place for Drug Detoxification

Drug addiction is a problem that affects a lot of people worldwide. We strive to help reduce the opioid and hard drug problems in this country. The best way to beat this demon is to find help. Becoming an addict is quite easy but quitting the drugs can be a massive problem for many people, due to various side effects such as withdrawals and even attacks. The best way to ...

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Is CBD Oil Good for Your Dogs?

Many clinical studies have shown the plentiful amount of benefits CBD provides for people, but is CBD good for your furry friends? Research has shown it to greatly benefit dogs as well. Due to these findings, veterinarians have been utilizing and relying on medical cannabis and CBD to help to treat dogs with seizures, anxiety and symptoms of cancer. Here in this article we will outline why the trend is ...

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