Opioid Overdoses Down In Legal Marijuana States

A study released by the Drug and Alcohol Dependence Report shows that states with medical marijuana programs saw a 23% reduction in opioid related hospital visits and a 13% drop in lethal overdoses. The study analyzed hospitalization records in 27 states including nine with legal medical marijuana from 1997-2014. While the report shows a clear benefit to the efforts of cannabis legalization and public health, it flies directly in the face of comments by ...

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Irate Man Opens Fire Over Lost Pot in West Hollywood

Someone get this man some mellow buds! Multiple gun shots were reported at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, and it was all apparently over some lost pot. After leaving some items at the hotel, a man in his 30's returned to see if he could get his lost belonging back, including some recently purchased marijuana. Upon being informed of his possessions being disposed of, including the precious ...

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Nationwide Legalization of Cannabis Could Create 1 Million Jobs

A new report by analysts at New Frontier Data suggests nationwide legalization could create over one million new jobs within the next ten years. The firm, which focuses specifically on marijuana industry data analysis, also found that federal tax revenue could eclipse $131.8 billion in eight years if cannabis were to be legalized in all 50 states. Full federal legalization could create 782,000 jobs almost immediately in fields such as cultivation, processing and retail; with that ...

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New Hampshire and Vermont Vote in Favor of Recreational Marijuana

This week the Northeast got a little greener as both Vermont and New Hampshire passed legislation advancing recreational marijuana in their respective states. This comes in the wake of Attorney General Jeff Sessions's announcement earlier this week of his intention to strip the Cole Memo, reinforcing the crackdown on states that have legalized recreational marijuana. The votes came as a direct statement to Sessions that these states believe in the benefits ...

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