New Hampshire and Vermont Vote in Favor of Recreational Marijuana

This week the Northeast got a little greener as both Vermont and New Hampshire passed legislation advancing recreational marijuana in their respective states. This comes in the wake of Attorney General Jeff Sessions's announcement earlier this week of his intention to strip the Cole Memo, reinforcing the crackdown on states that have legalized recreational marijuana. The votes came as a direct statement to Sessions that these states believe in the benefits ...

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Cannabinoids and You: A Crash Course On Cannabis

Cannabis, for thousands of years, has been used for medicinal purposes all around the world. Without cannabinoids though, cannabis wouldn’t be very medical at all. Check out this crash course to learn how the specific chemicals that work to provide cannabis’ many medical properties. While many medical cannabis beginners may know a few distinctions, like indica vs. sativa, even cannabis enthusiasts may not know every compound that makes up the ...

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Marijuana Vape Pens: Are they safe? What are the differences?

There was a time when the only methods to enjoy cannabis included joints, bongs, and the occasional brownies; but now, marijuana vape pens have grown in popularity. The question is, are they safe? The old school method of rolled marijuana and bongs have fallen by the wayside. Vaping has become the trendier alternative. It has steadily continued to grow in popularity due to the discreet devices now made. In addition, ...

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The Drastic State of The Cannabis Dispensary in LA

Although few assumed the transition to legalized and recreational marijuana in California would be easy, it's coming as somewhat of a shock to myself and others in the industry how unprepared we truly are. For this editorial, I'm going to speak on my experiences working at a medical cannabis dispensary since January 1st and the changes we've had to endure to give you a better picture of how this transition ...

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