Have A High Tolerance? Heres How To Get Higher With Less Weed!

People enjoy smoking marijuana to get the feeling of being high. As tolerance builds up though, it can get quite expensive to satiate the same feeling. Did you know that there are ways you can use less marijuana and stay high for a longer period of time? Here are some tips and tricks from the pros to save you some money.


Have A High Tolerance? Heres How To Get Higher With Less Weed!



Smoke Less Leaves and Stems

If you focus on smoking the buds which are coated in THC crystals (keif; the part of the plant that contains THC), and smoke less of the leaves without any crystals and stems, you will get much higher. Investing in a grinder that has a keif catcher, and using the keif on top of your occasional bowl is great for when you want to get extra blitzed.


Inhale Correctly

This one is huge. As simple as this may sound, if you don’t inhale you likely won’t get very high. If you inhale deeply, your lungs will absorb more of the active cannabinoids in the smoke. For this reason, the way that a person inhales can affect how high they end up getting.

When smoking marijuana, breathe it in deeply and hold it for a couple of seconds. Allow the smoke to get into your lungs. After this you can exhale.

If a person is not properly inhaling the smoke they are not going to get high and are wasting their money.

Have A High Tolerance? Heres How To Get Higher With Less Weed!


Take Occasional Tolerance Breaks

Heavy smokers may not get as high when they smoke multiple times on a daily basis. While it may be hard for them they should stop smoking for a day or two. This way when they go back and light up they will get high faster and will not have to smoke as much. If a person is able to take as much as a week off they will get really high when they light up again.


This is where taking a tolerance break can benefit you. Because when you come back after your break you will get much higher.


Remove Distractions

When smoking many people are tempting to turn on the TV, play a game on the computer, and listen to music. This can actually decrease the feeling of being high. When smoking unplug all electronics and relax. Allow the smoke to relax the body and focus on getting high. This will help lead to a stronger and a more enjoyable high.


Have A High Tolerance? Heres How To Get Higher With Less Weed!


Choose an Effective Device

Many marijuana smokers will say that when they smoke out of a bong they tend to get higher than smoking a joint or other methods. The smoke is more concentrated in the bong and it is not wasted. Also the bong uses less marijuana to pack up the bowl than it takes to roll a joint. Another great option is using a vaporizer. When you use a vaporizer, you’re lungs are able to absorb more THC as opposed to when you smoke it. In simple terms, they get you more stoned.


Increase Vitamin C Intake

Some studies have shown that vitamin C may slightly increase the feeling of being high. When ingested, part of the vitamin c molecule is said to bond with the THC that is found in cannabis. This will allow a person to stay high for slightly longer. Before smoking, have a nice big glass of orange juice. Taking Vitamin C supplements have shown the same effects as well.


Have A High Tolerance? Heres How To Get Higher With Less Weed!


Eat a Mango

There is some research that suggests that eating a mango before smoking marijuana will help a person get higher. A mango has a compound called terpenes which will allow the THC in the marijuana to get to the brain quicker allowing a person to get higher. It is recommended to eat the mango around an hour before smoking marijuana. Get higher and receive the vitamins and minerals you need at the same time.

Grind Up Your Buds

When smoking marijuana or vaporizing, be sure to grind up your marijuana in a grinder or with your fingers (if you don’t mind having sticky fingers). This will give the marijuana more surface area and will allow it to be stretched out. This will also allow it to burn slowly and evenly when smoking. This will make it last longer and allow a person to get a better high.

Other people like to cut it up with scissors instead of grinding it. It is said that cutting it up will allow more of the THC to stay in the marijuana. Give it a try.


Have A High Tolerance? Heres How To Get Higher With Less Weed!


Change Up Your Schedule

Many stoners will tell you that if they smoke at the same times each day, over time they begin to feel less high. This has to do with your body building up a tolerance. Switching up your smoking routine, and especially not smoking right before you go to bed, and smoking the next morning right when you wake up.


This is a sure fire way to skyrocket your tolerance. Don’t do that unless you want a high tolerance… Which I don’t see why you would. These are some ways to get higher without smoking as much marijuana. If you’d like to learn about more ways to get higher on weed, go here to learn more tips.

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