Six Emerald Cup Entries Test Negative for Cannabinoids

In some pretty shocking news, six entries from the recent Emerald Cup held in Sonoma, CA tested negative for cannabinoids. Unlike last years controversy regarding brands and products testing positive for pesticides, in an otherwise strictly organic competition, this year six items came up absolutely devoid of THC, CBD or any ancillary cannabinoids. The products include Seven Cities Co California Dreamin’ Cranberry Apple Drink, Cannabees Honey, 1 World Medicinals CBD Deodorant, 1 World Medicinals CBD Cream, Focus Iced Latte and 1 World Medicinals Deep Repair Cream. Each of these products tested at 0 mg for THC or CBD and additional cannabinoids were not detected. Any results found to contain 0 cannabinodis were tested again to check for inconsistencies, and all achieved the same results. These companies literally tried to submit snake oil!


Six Emerald Cup Entries Test Negative for Cannabinoids


All other entries for edibles, topicals and tinctures did contain at least detectable levels of cannabis. While it is impossible to know for sure if these products intended to contain active cannabinoids, the issue could more than likely be processing based. If these brands are not using a true homogenizer there could possibly be an uneven distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes. Still very disappointing regardless. Why the products wouldn’t be tested prior to submission is beyond us.

These stories are exactly why there should be regulation for cannabis products. Whether it be for medicinal or recreational use, consumers should be able to trust what’s on the label. This industry is already plagued with almost 100 years of slanderous rhetoric, smear campaigns, raids and unethical arrests that gives our community a bad name. Companies need to be on the ball and run their business the right way. The Right still has excuses to keep Cannabis Scheduled, so lets stop what we can control. No need to give them more reasons to keep our medicine illegal!

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