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After this January, some of your favorite edibles may be much harder to find. With Prop 64 bringing legal and recreational cannabis to consumers across California, many will have to contend with the new reality of edible limits and regulations. After January 1st according to the law no edible shall be produced or sold over 100 mg and will no longer be produced in shapes resembling candy, fruit, humans or animals. Additionally any edible sold in a recreational setting will need to be segmented into doses no larger than 10 mg each, meaning your 100 mg chocolate bar could come in 10 individually packaged pieces.

Big Changes Coming to CA Edible Industry | The California Weed Blog


According to the law as it’s currently written, cannabis patients will have access to higher strength medicinal products. Medical shops will still be allowed to carry products up to 2,000 mg for patients who still possess their medical marijuana recommendations. In an even more confusing measure, recreational consumers are allowed access to tinctures up to 1,000 mg at recreational shops. These measures seem more aimed at reducing the appeal of edibles to children than to curb usage in responsible adults. We at California Weed Blog foresee possible legal action that could be taken on behalf of disabled patients or patients with issues accessing these products. No senior citizen suffering from arthritis deserves to be stuck opening ten individually wrapped small packages in order to experience natural relief.

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