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As more and more states legalize marijuana in some form, lawmakers and law enforcement are searching for ways to effectively and efficiently test for marijuana impairment while driving.  
Everyone is aware of alcohol-related arrests and how the police check for impairment. Some of these tests are done at the roadside in what is called field sobriety tests. If you fail those, you are often arrested and subjected to more conclusive testing.
The same happens when you are suspected of marijuana use while driving. The tests are different however, and the penalties can be different as well. It is important to know the laws in your own state, as some of the following tips and laws may not apply to your current state of residence.
What Does Under the Influence Mean in Terms of Marijuana Use?
There are several different methods of determining “under the influence”—again, depending on the state.
Initial Tests and Follow-up Tests
As with alcohol, there are field tests and then confirmation tests if there is probable cause to arrest you. It is important to remember that the officer cannot arrest you without probable cause; however, you can be detained if you are not cooperating or if there is more than minor suspicion.
In some states, you will face serious penalties not only for driving under the influence but for the use of marijuana as well. Fines, lawyer fees, and insurance hikes will be costly. You’ll also be required to get SR-22 insurance, which is a pain. It is important to know the rules of the state you live in as well as any state you may be traveling to.
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