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Yesterday in the Los Angeles special election, Measure M, the city sponsored ballot measure giving Los Angeles the tools it needs to regulate the recreational and medical marijuana industry  was overwhelmingly approved by voters  Tuesday evening. This should help to ensure that the Medicine that hits the shelves isn't riddled with Pesticides and other Toxins. Measure M easily passed with mainstream support as it received 79% of the vote. This far surpassed the support competing ballot Measure N received (39%) which failed to pass the same right but cleared the way for Measure M to guide the cities cannabis policy for the foreseeable future. The measure also added a tax structure for both medical and recreational cannabis. The full text of the measure which goes into effect on January 1st 2018 can be seen here.



1) Providing that the City Council retains the authority to amend existing and adopt new regulations regarding cannabis activity in the City after conducting public hearings regarding various aspects of the commercialization of cannabis and medical cannabis, and giving priority in the processing of applications to existing medical marijuana dispensaries operating in compliance with current City law.
2) Authorizing criminal penalties, nuisance abatement, increased civil fines and disconnection of water and power utilities for unauthorized cannabis activities.
3) Establishing new business taxes, effective January 1, 2018, including taxes of $100 per each $1,000 of gross receipts from cannabis sales and $50 per each $1,000 of gross receipts from medical cannabis sales, $10 per each $1,000 of gross receipts from cannabis transportation, testing or research, and $20 per each $1,000 of gross receipts from cannabis manufacturing, cultivation or other commercialization of cannabis.


The strong support Measure M received shows the people of Los Angeles are ready for concrete and sensible cannabis policy, something it has lacked in the past as the grey market flourished in the shadows. 


However times have changed, A sources close to the Yes On M campaign had this to say about last nights results “Voters overwhelmingly showed their support for legalization during Prop 64, that was for the State. Los Angeles needed to figure out how they intended on regulating and taxing the cannabis in the local market and they did that last night in spades.” 


Measure M was a needed way for both the city and people of Los Angeles to begin building the legal cannabis market , Codifying these regulations is first step to the Los Angeles cannabis market becoming a model for what legal cannabis should be worldwide. 

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