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This week we got to check out Strain in Chatsworth where we were lucky enough to encounter some beautiful Saturn OG. These nugs are small but mighty, packed with trichomes and speckled with luscious orange hairs. Beautiful and natural looking, these buds had a wonderfully developed piney citrusiness on the nose with a bright gasoline over sheen. 
The effects come quickly as your mind becomes enveloped in a mild cerebral bliss. Not too stoney and not too harsh, this strain produces a calm euphoria perfect for engaging in many end of day activities. Whether you are looking to get creative in the kitchen or just kick back and play some video games, Saturn OG provides a stimulating indica dominant relief without being overbearing or leaving you stuck to the couch. It also makes a great choice for providing daytime relief from pain and anxiety while still staying focused.
Overall be on the lookout for Saturn OG, especially this batch that we found at Strain. It's strength and potency without being overbearing make it a great choice for any patient in need of relief and it's versatile nature make it a must try! If you can't find it at your local dispensary you can still pick it up from the Strain Balboa Caregivers in Chatsworth CA. 

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