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Eureka Vapor Vape Pens were recently sent to us and we were excited to try them and share our experience with our readers. Eureka has long been a leader in the vaporizing community and we are honored to be one of the first to review their new design. Known for their CO2 extracts, this Eureka Vapor Cartridge included 250mg of Louie OG as a sample.
Hot off a win at Hempcon 2015, Eureka has gone out of their way to convert all cartridges to a glass and metal design. This leads to much larger and enjoyable hits than the previous Wick design. Though not known for flavor, CO2 extracts have a mild profile perfect for patients who do not enjoy the taste of most potent cannabis strains. This Louie OG hit smooth and fast, providing almost immediate neck and back relief. Testing in at 60.4% THC, this cart packs a wallop of potency but isn't overwhelming. A mild sedation was apparent after only a few hits, making this a perfect indica for evening relaxation or before bed. The cartridge felt extremely solid and the all metal contraction was appreciated in both durability and style. 
Overall the new cartridges from Eureka look to be a big win. Better taste, bigger hits and potent oil combine to provide outstanding relief! Be on the lookout for the new cartridges at Prop 215 compliant shops in CA and be on the lookout for recreational Eureka products in Colorado!

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