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N ot everyone who enjoys the wonderful effects of cannabis wants to smoke. I know a few people who really love the relief and enjoyment they receive from cannabis but hate tearing up their lungs with blunts and bongs or even having bits of weed and ash everywhere which usually happens if you're an avid dry herb connoisseur. In the past the go to was always edibles. Strong and easy to make at home, however the delayed onset of effects was always a problem for those suffering from chronic pain   and people with GI issues may not be able to eat cannabis as it might upset their stomach.   Wha t's the  solution? 
Legal cannabis has brought along with it an onslaught of new technology in the cannabis industry. As such creative solutions have been offered to the problem mentioned earlier and one of the most popular ways is disposable cannabis oil cartridges which are then attached to a reusable standard 510 connection battery “pen”. These cartridges come pre filled with either .5/1g of oil which is heated by a internal heating element in the cartridge known as a coil to produce a light vapor void from the harsh chemicals of smoking.
Heavy Hitters is a brand of high end vape cartridges and concentrates known as “The Peoples Choice”. They are known to be some of the most potent vapes on the market and have been on the shelves of pretty much every club I go to that carries vapor products and I'm very pleased to share my thoughts on their lineup of both cartridges and wax quality.
 Sky Walker OG Hybrid (left) Pink Kush Indica(right)
I'll praise both the Pink Kush and Skywalker OG for their potency as both strains produce immediate and noticeable effects. I would never recommend driving on any medication but this is definitely one that I would HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT drive on. Especially since the effects of this vape tend to creep up on you. 1 or 2 puffs is enough to produce a decent buzz for a low tolerance consumer. I'd consider a hit from these vapes the same as taking a light dab and since the vapor from these cartridges is actually pretty flavorful you need to watch out because like me, you may find yourself taking a few extra hits just for the taste. The taste is especially good from Heavy Hitters because the contents of the cartridges didn't have a heavy solvent taste that I've experienced with other vapes which is a huge plus for me.
Another thing I love about these cartridges is how long they last. I spent over a week total still on a single cartridge and there was a ton left in the tank. To me this was impressive as I consider myself a high tolerance and frequent user. (Keep in mind I use various other methods to medicate through out the day.) I really was amazed by the medical value these things have as one would last a light/medium user quite a while.
Note: Although I feel most cannabis vapes feel a bit underpowered to what nicotine vapers are using. The Heavy Hitters cartridge produces a reasonable enough sized cloud with its 4.0 Volt coil. However we did have trouble with some of the electronics being a little spotty, which could have been an isolated incident. Honestly, I would like to see a cartridge that's able to last on an actual mod as it will allow for a lot more interesting applications.
-High Potency Wax
-Contaminant Free
-Long Cartridge Life, even with HEAVY use
-Low coil wattage (4.0V) leads to compatibility issues with anything except low voltage pens
-Pen electronics
I tried both their Pink Kush and Skywalker OG full gram cartridges as well as their wax can. The first thing I noticed on both of them is their beautiful packaging. I also like how I can tell the oil in the cart is VERY thick. I've learned that usually the more high end carts are always thick like this as opposed to the cheaper ones which are much more liquid and runny. The viscosity of this oil means you need to handle it a bit more carefully, see tips below. 
“Heavy Hitters stays true to their name with an extremely potent and flavorful wax.” 
Its long life makes it great for so many different kinds of patients, I do however want to see what the future holds on allowing these oils in more applications.
Stay hydrated: This has nothing to do with Heavy Hitters because in my experience you need to be careful with this with all vapes, but make sure you drink a lot of water. These things really tend to dehydrate you, and if that happens you could run the risk of aggravating any of your medical symptoms. So stay hydrated and make sure to drink a lot of water while you're enjoying your medicinal vape cartridge.
Loosen up the oil: Roll the cartridge around in your hand a little bit before you attach it to the pen for the first time. This allows the wax to heat and loosen up for smoother smoking. This is really only required for the higher end vape pens such as Heavy Hitters as the quality of the oil they use tends to make it more thick then some of the cheaper carts out there.
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  1. nasty, just got there Malibu… taste like perfume ,,, who wants to vape perfume and it was 60 a gram….. I am pissed off… taste nothing like honey or hash oil…. I cringe every time I take a puff….. WARNING DO NOT GET THERE MALIBU VAPE CART. who wants to puff perfume ? FUCKEN NASTY I WISH I COULD GET A REFUND. This is some fucked up shit !

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