With an embattled president elect Trump poised to assume office under a whirlwind of controversy. Many questions have been raised surrounding how his unprecedented use of wild campaign rhetoric will translate to actual policy. The one question on marijuana advocates minds is what does Donald Trump in the White House mean for the future of cannabis in this country? Now that Trump is President are new Cannabis Laws endangered? 


How will President Trump handle states that have already chosen to legalize medical recreational cannabis and will there be any future progress in the movement towards federal legalization or will there be a major setbacks and hurdles ahead?


The future of marijuana in this country relies heavily on the question of who will be the new appointed attorney general , and if the states chief law enforcement officer would keep in place the Cole memo which bars the DEA from pursuing cannabis in states that have deemed it legal and are in compliance with state regulations.



Many believed either Chris Christie governor of New Jersey or Rudy Giuliani former mayor of New York be appointed to the position of Attorney General. However as recently as Friday the Washington Post has reported that president elect Trump has decided that Senator Jeff Sessions [R-RI] would be appointed to the attorney general position. 


President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to be U.S. Attorney General has sent a chill up the spines of many in the emerging cannabis industry reports Forbes.  Sen. Jeff Sessions, a senator from the strictly conservative state of Alabama doesn't appear to be any friend of cannabis, with strict views that can old be described as old school and his appointment has caused concern among cannabis rights groups such as NORML warning people that the need for the cannabis community to keep its eye on Senator Sessions while he serves as the Attorney General.


“He famously said of the Ku Klux Klan, that he was okay with them, “until I learned they smoked pot.” Sessions later said he was joking.” 


It important to remind readers that the Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the president and that ultimately it it is going to be up to now president elect Trump about how the current administration handles the influx of states going green. Of note is unlike our last three presidents Mr. Trump has no history(that we know of) of experimenting with drugs including marijuana himself. However if given the position Sen. Jeff Sessions will have a chance to implement many of his ideas and we get mixed feelings by anyone who was labeled as too racist for the 80's and who famously said “the Ku Klux Klan, I was okay with them, “until I learned they smoked pot.”


Even though there are many reasons to be concerned. There are many pragmatic reasons we don't believe this spells the end for marijuana legalization in this country for instance over half of the United States it is legal for medical reasons to a consume cannabis and after this election several more have enacted recreational measures. With this in mind we don't feel it very likely that with the government being in the state that it is, our country being in the state that it is, and with Trump being a pro business advocate that anyone will to want to shy away from all the tax money influx generated directly from loosening cannabis laws have been.  As reports that Donald Trump intends to keep his promise to build a wall at the southern border with Mexico and undertaking estimated to cost between $15 and $20 billion dollars ……. inhibiting cannabis doesn't seem to be to high on his list. 



Viral Trump Meme of 2016



In all actuality, Throughout the entire campaign Trump has been a champion for the issue of states rights of which cannabis legalization has been, as it has been left up to the states to choose their own laws. So it's possible that Trump will honor the original intention of the Republican Party in honoring states rights.


In the end it may very well come down to the optics of the issue. Seeing as Trump knows he did not win the popular vote and owes his presidency solely on the electoral college of states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida all of which allow for medical marijuana. He will likely do what is necessary to appease those voters if he wants to have a chance at another 4 years in the White House….. or Trump Tower.


No matter how the Trump Administration plans to handle Cannabis. It's very important to become informed in and stay current on what's going on. Also it's important to note that we have plenty of new senators and congressional representatives who are going be assuming office along with President Trump. Politicians do listen to their constituents and currently only one in four Senators are Cannabis prohibitionists . If you feel passionate about this or any issues call or write your local representatives to let them know you support the end of cannabis prohibition in this country. So that they can take your sentiments along with them to Washington D.C. as we hope the United States continues to go green. All in all we believe people need Cannabis more now than ever.

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