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Golden pineapple is a Sativa dominate hybrid with complex genetics. Absolutely one of my favorite euphoric strains with strong cerebral effects.

Appearance: Hard dense nugs covered in thick terra cotta colored hairs. Layers of Trichomes loaded to the center of the bud. Each Calyx is like a skittle so insanely dense and full of resin.

Smell: Zesty and terpy. Even the smoke smells great like a fresh island breeze.

Taste: The first hit I'd almost describe like a lite tangie. As the strong Sativa effects take effect subsequent tokes allow me appreciate much more complex tropical flavors.

Effects: The high potency of this strain creates a slight tingling of the eyes. Because of that this strain works great for my mild to moderate tension/stress headaches. Usually if I'm having a more sever pain I would go for a more heavy indica. However the alertness and focus this strain provides while also melting away stress is unmatched. Great strain for daytime use.

Conclusion:  I always see this sold as Cannabis Cub Winner Golden Pineapple. The amazing taste mixed with the overly potent effects make this strain one that is worthy of the accolades it has received.

Score: 4/5

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