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I didn't know you could buy quality wax like this from club at this great a price. I ended up purchasing a personal “mini slab” (large batches of wax are called slabs) of this potent and beautifully translucent shatter for only $85. This type of quality usually goes for $40 – $50 a gram in Los Angeles. With this deal I paid about $24 per gram. For a wax that was premium quality and tasted amazing this was absolutely a steal!
“1/8th of Girl Scout Cookies “Nugrun” shatter courtesy SSC Universal”
Make sure to evenly heat your nail. Look for our upcoming comparison on ceramic vs nail vs quartz nails. In the mean time make sure you are torching your nail evenly. Putting an eighth of dabs through our ceramic nail we noticed some micro cracking by the end of the day that could have been avoided with more careful heat application.
On that note clean your nail between dabs. Take a q tip soaked in ISO alcohol to your nail surface between dabs. This will allow for an even and clean burn on the next hit.
Space out big and little dabs. I was taking
dabs in size ranges to .1 to .6 in order to get through the entire slab in a day. If I took .1 dabs I probably would have ran out of butane but if I took giant dabs all day would take a toll on my lungs eventually.
Be ready to not need to go anywhere for a while. After a while I couldn't even gauge how high I was. If you at all need to be productive you should save the dabs for another time, seriously. The GSC Nugrun shatter I had was especially potent and like most quality concentrates has the tendency to put you into a dream like state as you crossfade from wake to sleep. Be responsible and Enjoy!

                                                                                               dab art




Thanks for reading If your in the LA area and want to know where to find this personal mini slab or any products we write about email or message us over social media and we will be glad to help you out. *Valid prop 215/ SB 420 patients only!







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