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“Marijuana prohibition now costs state and federal government as much as $20 billion a year”


NEW YORK — “Marijuana prohibition now costs state and federal government as much as $20 billion a year, an economist told The Huffington Post — and legalization efforts are only just beginning to chip away at that.

That number comes from Jeffrey Miron, a senior lecturer at Harvard University who in 2010 studied the likely impacts of drug legalization, finding that about $8.7 billion would be saved on law enforcement and another $8.7 billion would be generated from taxes on marijuana. Accounting for inflation, that would add up to about $20 billion now, he said.”- Huffington post

Now that is a lot of money. That's the kind of money that could actually make a difference in our country if it was spent on… say something like education(we can start with higher wages for teachers) or cleaning up the neighborhoods where we still have people living in poverty. 
It's truly shocking that we waste so much on fighting something that does such little harm to the user and comes with less risk then something like lets say, ALCOHOL. Honestly I would rather see that money go anywhere else, it wouldn't even have to benefit me – Does some small town need new roads? Cool spend it on that. Do we want to build side walk fencing so you won't have to worry about falling in the street playing Pokemon Go? Perfect i'm down for that too. Literally anywhere else.
When we see how it's often spent it seems like a lot for something considered medicine and that already has a 58 % approval rating nation wide don't you think?



AMHERST — All that remains of the solitary marijuana plant an 81-year-old grandmother had been growing behind her South Amherst home is a stump and a ragged hole in the ground.

Margaret Holcomb said she was growing the plant as medicine, a way to ease arthritis and glaucoma and help her sleep at night. Tucked away in a raspberry patch and separated by a fence from any neighbors, the plant was nearly ready for harvest when a military-style helicopter and police descended on Sept. 21.


Cannabis prohibition is one of the most wasteful policy's of the US Government. Well over 1 trillion has been spent on the war on drugs since its inception in 1971 during Nixon'   s term. This is evidenced by the need of local law enforcement to have a national guard deploy an army helicopter over an 81 year old lady's house. Especially considering that medical marijuana is now legal in over half the states in this county. We need to end these uneconomical, destructive and unjust enforcement practice and the only way to do that is call to end nation wide and eventually the worldwide prohibition of Cannabis.





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