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How I bought weed legally* at 420AM

If you live in a state still under cannabis prohibition or have never been inside a dispensary it really is although it is a wonderful experience is is basically shopping at a store.

There are a few differences such as  the fact that because California dispensary’s operate as a non profit you donate instead of buy and they only accept cash.

But like any other retail enterprise there are a whole range of experiences based on where you choose to shop. I’ve been in high end dispensary that have valet parking, curated menus and a live dj. I’ve also been to ones in Crenshaw that let you smoke blunts inside.

(Street view of the shop in Crenshaw)

Most of the presentable dispensarys in LA keep normal business hours of 10-8. After that there are a few throughout the city open until around 3am. Although these late night dispensary have great medicine their sometimes located in more sketchy areas and sometimes get shut down for things like giving out dabs inside.

I know other cities in California have 24 hour dispensary and I could only find 2 in LA. I wanted to check out out to see how it was compared to going to a normal dispensary during the day. Here is my experience.

I found CWC35 cap on weedmaps. Their add promised “we have lots of top and back shelf grades to chose from”. I just had to check it out. Based on anecdotal evidence the more sketch these shops are the better their weed is. I may have found the holy grail. I had to check it out.

A short drive to Inglewood at 4 in the morning and I found myself at shop. They had a security guard outside who instructed me to just leave my car in the middle of the street. ?.

I entered their reception and handed them my doctors recommendation and ID. I then started to fill out paperwork while I heard an argument in the next room.

The security doors were heavy so I couldn’t hear a ton but the gist of it was the lady before me brought neither her ID or rec and kept demanding they just look up her info on the computer (there was no computer). They eventually denied her entry and I was let In through the next security door where I gave them my paperwork.

After that a quick 2 more security doors and I was in the medicine room. All the medicine was kept in big glass cases like what you would see in the deli part of a grocery store.

They didn’t really have a huge selection besides 5/6 different strains and a coupe of homemade edibles. I asked him to recommend a heavy indica and he showed me low down OG which I never heard of before . However based on his recommendation and the fact I was distracted by his huge gold pinky ring I donated $25 for 2 grams and 2 homemade brownies.

I will note that most other dispensary have 1 security door this place had 5. It wasn’t located in the best area but the staff did a good job of keeping their little area secure.

The weed was alright I would have liked to see more of a selection and it really didn’t look like a place where it even mattered what you bought it all looked decent enough.

I probably won’t be going back to CWC for a little bit, it’s nice to know if I’m ever in Inglewood in the middle of the night I know we to buy weed legally,  However the great thing about LA there is always the option of using a 24 hour cannabis delivery service.

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