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A First time patient deal (FTP) is when a dispensary gives you a gift or a discount as a way of getting people to sign up with their collective. FTP’s can range from forgettable, like an old pre-roll, to remarkable such as free oil or an eighth of top shelf bud. I was browsing Weedmaps and saw a dispensary in Studio City offering a free Oasis Vape Pen as their first time patient deal. Naturally I had to check it out. The Oasis Vape Pen comes in a variety of strains and although both lemon jack and SFV OG looked appealing I eventually settled in Paris OG.


OASIS VAPE PEN REVIEW | California Weed Blog


The operation of the device is simple. All you have to do was take the pen out of the package and inhale. The visible half gram of CO2 oil is heated by an internal coil, instantly producing a sharp and tangy vapor. This is denoted by the oasis logo at the bottom of the pen lighting up.

I couldn’t taste the particular Paris OG strain. Instead, the pen produced a pleasant but generic cannabis vapor, but the effects were noticeable. I compared a drag out of the Oasis Vape Pen almost like taking a light dab. I do wonder if a more pungent strain such as lemon jack would have effected the taste.

My first 4 hours with the Oasis Vape Pen were amazing! I was absolutely in love. The pen provided a potent and convenient way to medicate. Even though I will always prefer flower, I envisioned myself using more vape products after using this brand. It made me wonder why I wasn’t previously using this as a way to consume my medicine.

Unfortunately for Oasis, it only took a few more hours to learn the answer. As I was enjoying a drag on my vape pen the light at the bottom started blinking and the vapor immediately shut off. After that, the pen worked sporadically from time to time but eventually gave out. The worst part is this happened with what looked to be about 60% of the oil still left in the pen.


As these are meant for single use only, there is no way to recharge the battery. I gave the device a couple of hours to hopefully come back to life and was only able to take about half a drag before the lights started blinking again. I decided to brake it open and use the rest of the oil on a blunt.

Overall I was happy with the product while it worked, but can’t even express how disappointed I am in the apparent design flaw. For a first time patient deal it wasn’t all that bad, but I don’t think a future purchase is in order. Especially not with all the other exciting products available at a dispensary.


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