Petitioning Director of the USPTO


BioTech Institute LLC has obtained patents to claim “ownership” of specific Marijuana Strains. With utility patents, they can place a fee, reject or even sue Farmers, Manufacturers, Breeders and Research Scientists that are using any part of the strains they claim to be theirs. Cannabis is a medicinal plant that has been around for centuries. To claim ownership or the “invention” of Cannabis (a previously existing strain or new strain), with so many strains already in Public Domain already, is ludicrous.

With recreation laws coming into place, research is now accessible and paving the way for a better understanding of Marijuana and it’s health benefits. But if we allow companies with deep pockets to control strains; this will break down the free market system that fosters growth and progress within the community potentially creating a monopoly on Cannabis.

Companies should not have the right to claim ownership on any living species, whether it’s human, animal or plant. Every instance in history has stifled or completely halted the benefits each could have delivered. Our institution of government has written laws against monopolies and oligarchies. We as Americans and as human beings should not stand for one or a group of companies taking ownership of another venture that can literally change the world for the better.


This information will be sent to the Director of the USPTO and will not be shared with anyone else.