More Pregnant Women Are Using Cannabis, But Is It Bad For The Baby?

Cannabis consumption on paper has been on a stark rise with over half of the states legalizing medically or recreationally. Weed is now starting to trump most medications, especially with anxiety, pain and depression. Recently, studies have show a rise in consumption with pregnant women from all age groups to reduce anxiety and morning sickness. Although we are excited that people are laying off of prescription drugs, there has been some health professionals noting possible negative effects on the child from the use of cannabis.


Lets emphasize POSSIBLE


Cannabis consumption in pregnant women is a rising trend among all age groups.

A study from 2009 to 2016 shows:

  • Under 18: Rose from 12.5% to 21.8%
  • 18 – 24: Rose from 9.8% to 19.0%
  • 25 – 34: Rose from 3.4% – 5.1%
  • Over 34: Rose from 2.1% – 3.3%


More Pregnant Women Are Using Cannabis, But Is It Bad For The Baby?


Over the past decade, a number of studies have been performed to analyze the benefits and detriments of cannabis use due to the growing popularity of the herb. Of all the studies performed, one of the most controversial points came to children and cannabis, especially when they’re in the womb. Is it good? Does it stunt brain function? Are the consequences as devastating as alcohol, cigarettes and hard drugs?

The answer…No one knows. At least, not completely.

There have been studies performed where they show minute differences in head circumference, body length, etc; but the studies state that the focus groups in these studies were from poor neighborhoods that likely drank or did hard drugs as well. Both which have shown to be very hazardous in fetal growth.

The vast majority of scientists and health professionals that aren’t biased state that findings fail to be statistically significant, but more research needs to be done. However, they do advise caution for overuse. Too much of any stimulant or depressant has a high chance of damaging a fetus. Even if it doesn’t pass through the placenta, the child still gets the same nutrients and bodily effects the mother receives.


More Pregnant Women Are Using Cannabis, But Is It Bad For The Baby?

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