Quick and Easy Indoor Growing Tips to Increase Yield and Quality

Indoor cannabis has become the most sought after growing method in the past few years. These indoor cultivators are creating some of the most beautifully dank and potent strains by having control of climate, air quality, pests, temperature, lighting and much more. However, there are challenges growing indoors that you don’t face outdoors. Many set out to pursue indoor growing, expecting large and high-quality yields, only to end up disappointed. The problem is usually rooted in a few common growing mistakes. With the right information, you should be able to end up with a sizeable yield at the end of your growing period. Below are some quick and easy indoor growing tips to help increase the yield and quality of your plants.


Quick and Easy Indoor Growing Tips to Increase Yield and Quality


1. Find Plants with the Right Genes

The quality of plants grown cannot be improved if you are dealing with inferior genes. To get buds of the highest quality, you have to start with top-shelf plants. Nurseries are a good option to find quality clones and seeds. Also, some of your favorite growers usually sell extra seeds they get from harvesting.

Clones are easier to start out with and don’t have the variability seeds have. 


Quick and Easy Indoor Growing Tips to Increase Yield and Quality


2. Don’t Over Water the Plants

One of the biggest mistakes people make when growing cannabis indoors is watering the plants too much. A lot of water can easily kill your plants or make them droopy. This is because a lot of water deprives the plants of oxygen.

If your plants appear over-watered, you can restore them to their normal state by lowering the water supply. You should only water the plants when the top three inches of the soil are dry.


Quick and Easy Indoor Growing Tips to Increase Yield and Quality


3. Try Vertical Growing

It is important to expose your plants evenly to warmth and light. Because of this, most growers end up renting out a lot of space for their growing needs. A simpler solution would be to implement the vertical growing system. In this system, you put a bulb between two racks and maximize the vertical space in your warehouse.

You also need to make sure your lamps are positioned at the correct distance from the plants. Beyond a point, the lamps start losing efficiency. On the flipside, if you hang the lamps too close to the plants, they are likely to scorch the plants and kill them.


Quick and Easy Indoor Growing Tips to Increase Yield and Quality


4. Don’t Overfeed Your Plants

Many new growers use too much fertilizer on their plants, and this ends up causing nutrient burn. Although this will not usually lead to the death of the plant, it will affect the look and quality of your cannabis. Unfortunately, many nutrient manufacturing companies recommend excessively high doses of nutrients. Usually, you will only need to use a quarter of the actual recommended dosage.


Quick and Easy Indoor Growing Tips to Increase Yield and Quality


5. Don’t Harvest Too Early

Cannabis should only be harvested when the pistils turn from white to brown.

If you are aiming for an intense high with the best pain relieving effects, then you should harvest your plants when half of the pistils darken. At that point, the plants have the highest content of THC.

Alternatively, you can wait for about 90 percent of the pistils to darken. The THC levels will be slightly lower, and the CBN levels will be very high. The plant will give a more relaxing high and is most effective at reducing anxiety.



With these tips, you should be able to grow potent and high-quality cannabis indoors. Cannabis is like any other plant. If you do the right research into what they need, give them attention, love and care, you will produce some top quality bud. Stay tuned for more helpful growing tips!

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