Irate Man Opens Fire Over Lost Pot in West Hollywood

Someone get this man some mellow buds! Multiple gun shots were reported at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, and it was all apparently over some lost pot. After leaving some items at the hotel, a man in his 30’s returned to see if he could get his lost belonging back, including some recently purchased marijuana. Upon being informed of his possessions being disposed of, including the precious greens, the man was reportedly asked to leave but not before pulling out a gun and firing four to five shots in the air.



Luckily, authorities say no one was injured and the perpetrator was able to escape as a passenger in a silver hatchback. Police are still investigating the matter and are currently looking for the vehicle. Anyone in connection to the incident are asked to report to the police. West Hollywood is currently one of the only areas in the Los Angeles region where it is currently legal to purchase recreational marijuana as the city has it’s own jurisdiction. Sales have been operational in the area since January 1st with some establishments still having lines out the door. It is unclear if the gunman in this criminal matter was a medical or recreational patient and where he had obtained the cannabis. It seems as though the stress of this change over to recreational is clearly affecting us all differently!

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