If we had to pick our favorite thing about the fine people from Storz & Bickel (apart from the super quality vapes they develop) it’s that they’re great listeners. When you talk to them about their vapes, they take it all on board and come back having somehow made the best vapes on the planet even better! They have done just that with their pretty little genius, the Crafty Vaporizer. Having already raised the bar when it comes to portable vaporizers, has had a recent update with newer devices seeing longer battery life, software updates and more great features added to the smartphone app.


Now, we must share the semi-bad news first – unfortunately, most of the improvement released will only work with Crafty Vapes that have firmware V02.51 or newer. Extra unfortunately, you can’t update the Crafty Vaporizer firmware so those with V02.50 or older will only be able to customize the notification settings and manage multiple vapes in the new app.  The other improvements we outline here will be visible if you have an older device, but won’t actually be usable. Your Crafty will still be a wondrous machine, but if you want, maybe you could take it as a sign that it’s time to treat yo’self to a new vaporizer! If you’re not sure which kind of Crafty you have, check out our table below.

Battery Life

The updated Crafty Vaporizers give you 20% more battery life which is a big improvement, especially considering the device doesn’t allow for use while charging. Customers found the previous version of the Crafty problematic as it required charging too often. The new version should support around 1 hour of continuous use which should keep everyone happy.

Crafty App Gets Even Craftier

Storz & Bickel have been paying attention to the Crafty Vaporizer App and made some pretty cool adjustments to its capabilities.

Find Your Crafty

You can now locate your Crafty Vaporizer via your phone! Now, this feature isn’t quite as long distance as the phone finding app we’ve all heard about but, with the ability to remotely turn you Crafty vaporizer on and off, you can locate you vape if you’ve misplaced it in your house somewhere. No doubt it will be in the last place you look, that’s what people tell us anyway! SO turning your Crafty on remotely will cause it to vibrate and flashing its light so it should stand out amongst all you other non-vibrating, non-flashing things.

Manage Multiple Vapes

You can now save multiple Crafty Vaporizers to your iOS or Android Crafty App. Previously you had to remove one Crafty before adding another but the times they are a changin’. With multiple vapes you can connect to your friends’ devices that are within Bluetooth range and have a Crafty party if you wanted!

Extended Automatic Shut Off Time

A previous issue for some Crafty Vaporizer users was that the automatic shut off time was too short and interrupted their session. Of course, it’s not difficult to get turned back on so that you can continue to vape, but it is an extra step in the whole process so now you can extend the shut-off time to a maximum of 5 minutes. This means you can enjoy more leisurely sessions, as well as experiment to see what the best shut off time is for to maximize results and minimize any waste of herb or battery power

Fire It Up Remotely

If you want the streamline your sessions, the Crafty App has a new feature that allows you to turn on and off the vaporizer remotely. Pressing the Crafty Logo at the center of the app will achieve this as long as you’re within Bluetooth range. It’s a super easy way to get things going so your Crafty will be ready when you are.

Smartwatch Support

If you haven’t got your phone on you, but still want to avail of all the Crafty Vaporizer App has to offer, you can now access all the super handy features via the new smartwatch app that will help you control your Crafty remotely. The updated version of the app supports the Apple Watch and the Android Watch 6 as well as anything newer.

Customize the Alerts

So you’ve connected your Crafty vaporizer to the App and are having the smoothest, easy flowing session ever but there’s one thing annoying you – the sounds coming out of your phone while changing up your vapes settings are bugging you. There’s nothing more annoying than having an annoying sound niggling away at you. Well, look no further than the Crafty App. Storz & Bickel can’t remove all of the irritating noises from the world, like loud road-works on your Saturday morning sleep-in or upstairs neighbors having a “stomp on the floor” party; but they can help you with changing up the tones you phone is blurting out when you’re using the Crafty Vaporizer App, making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Crafty Vaporizer Firmware Guide – Which Crafty Do I Have?


This first to do when trying out the new features on your Crafty Vaporizer is to figure out which version of the Crafty you have, and what firmware it’s running. In order to do this, just follow the instructions below:



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