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The marijuana industry has become one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. The driving force behind the expedited growth of this industry is due to the fact that society as a whole has changed its perception regarding marijuana. Now there are thousands of dispensaries who are providing the finest, pharmaceutical grade cannabis at different prices. However, it seems that this industry is taking its services to a whole different level by providing their clients with delivery services. Yes, you read that right. Now, you can order a nug just one click away.. Although not every dispensary has introduced this in their services, it is steadily becoming a norm in the industry. This is where Stoneyapp has stepped in to set the standard for an affordable, effective, one business day day delivery. There are also same day delivery options for Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Stoney: Delivery Service Review | The California Weed Blog
Fast delivery services have been hailed by everyone due to the various benefits they offer, and let’s face it: who doesn’t want to answer their doorbell because their weed has arrived! Here are the list of the most profound benefits of marijuana delivery services.

Online ID card applications

Most medical marijuana delivery services have also introduced online ID card applications to provide their clients with a level of convenience that was previously conceived as impossible. This means that patients do not even need to leave their homes to apply for a medical marijuana card as they can simply apply online. These applications are actually approved within a time frame of twenty minutes and then patients can then immediately place an order!


Although the social stigma attached to cannabis has been diminished by a substantial margin, there are still many people out there who are a little uncomfortable visiting a dispensary.  Now these people can easily make purchases discreetly and have them delivered to their doorsteps without anyone every finding out! Furthermore, renowned online dispensaries such as STONEYAPP have a 100% HIPAA compliant sign in process which ensures optimum privacy for each client.  If that’s not enough, many delivery services use unmarked vehicles so those annoying neighbors will never have an idea what’s being delivered.


This is without a doubt one of the most profound benefits of choosing a medical marijuana delivery service as it is the personification of the word convenience. Now people do not need to leave the comfort of their homes to order top shelf cannabis , concentrates, and edibles. Furthermore, STONEY APP also delivers an array of cannabis gear such as vaporizers, battery kits, and other innovative items. If there are any questions, they have live chat on their website

Health benefits

This one might come as a surprise. However, there are many patients out there suffering from medical tinctures which make it difficult for them to walk or even drive. These patients would previously have to depend on their family and friends to procure their medical marijuana, but now that has all changed. These patients need all the rest they can get to overcome their condition and a medical marijuana delivery service will ensure that they sit tight and just focus on recovering from their condition.
All of these benefits exonerate the fact that marijuana delivery services have taken the industry to a whole different level with its focus on making life easier for every client. So, if you want to take advantage of any of these benefits, leave it to STONEYAPP! They boast one business day delivery service that is fast, efficient and discreet. Order before 7pm and get your order the next day!  Please visit their website to check out our extensive list of sublime products that include concentrates, vapes, edibles and pre-rolls. You can also call them at 1-833-420-7866 from 9am-2am 7 days a week to learn more about their services.

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