A Weed Degree Could Get You $70,000 a Year!

Move over Liberal Arts! This year the University of Northern Michigan has begun offering a new weed degree that is sure to entice many student stoners. The Medicinal Plant Chemistry program offers students the ability to become certified lab analysts who can currently make upwards of $70,000 directly out of college. While the courses actually have very little to do with growing and cultivating cannabis, students take a variety of classes in the fields of chemistry, biology, marketing and finance. This amounts to an immense understanding of the cannabis industry and markets. Students can then decide to focus on additional paths focusing on analytics or entrepreneurship.
 A Weed Degree Could Get You $70,000 a Year! | The California Weed Blog
Medical Marijuana revenue in Michigan currently tops $700 million per year and as more states enact recreational and medicinal laws of their own the demand will only continue to grow for qualified candidates. Brandon Canfield, the associate professor credited with creating the program says he was inspired after attending a meeting of the American Chemistry Society, specifically members of the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision. “One of the recurring themes involved the lack of preparedness or the lack of competency in a lot of the existing analytical labs. The speakers were expressing a great need for increased skilled laboratory technicians, analysts and oversight.”
 A Weed Degree Could Get You $70,000 a Year! | The California Weed Blog

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