US Army Easing Cannabis Rules

The US Army is expanding it’s requirements in an effort to reach enlistment quotas including easing restrictions on tattoos and marijuana use . Previously, admitted marijuana use would disqualify you from service and you’d be entered into a category of unqualified applicants. Now the army is raising the number of accepted recruits from this category leading to an easing of denying applicants based on past marijuana use. Major General Jeffrey Snow was quoted on the subject saying “The big thing we’re looking for is a pattern of misconduct where they’re going to have a problem with authority. Smoking marijuana in an isolated incident as a teenager is not a pattern of misconduct.” The Army  almost doubled the amount of enlistment bonuses offering more than $400 million to prospective enlistees. Obviously the best plan now would be to enlist, get a bonus and go buy some weed, right? Sadly no, applicants will still require a waiver signed off by a 2 star or higher general and agree to a commitment of abstaining from marijuana for their future.


US Army Easing Cannabis Rules | The California Weed Blog

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