Top 5 Stoned Netflix Picks For Halloween 2017

When it comes to Netflix and chilling, this time of the year brings us extra spooky tricks and treats. If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing more you enjoy than plopping down with some of your finest top shelf and friends to enjoy some movies and TV. Here are our top 5 favorite choices currently on Netflix that will make this holiday even better after a toke or two.

Top 5 Stoned Netflix Picks For Halloween 2017 | The California Weed Blog
Reality bending and mind warping, this tale crosses the time space continuum in ways you may not have thought possible. When teenage Jake Gyllenhaal is plagued with visions of horrific events and a 6ft tall talking rabbit he sets off on an adventure of self discovery that teaches us more about metaphyics than you’d expect. A creepy ride indeed but one that leaves you with deep questions perfect for an introspective evening stoned at home. Some years after the theatrical run a Director’s Cut was released on DVD that more thoroughly explained the movies hidden secrets but I definitely prefer the original Theatrical version available on Netflix as it’s mysteriousness truly leads you to think outside the box.
Top 5 Stoned Netflix Picks For Halloween 2017 | The California Weed Blog
It is an age old and eternal debate that may never be solved. Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Haters will tell you the film is merely a Christmas classic that happens to entertain a Halloween themed setting but we think this peek into Jack Skellington’s Halloween world is the perfect introduction to the holiday season overall that seems to kick up around the end of October. Besides, is anything scarier than seeing Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving? Spooky. Plus we all know about the music enhancing benefits of cannabis and the classic songs in this semi-musical will have you feeling nostalgic in no time.
Top 5 Stoned Netflix Picks For Halloween 2017 | The California Weed Blog
The first Saw film remains an incredibly tense and sadistic affair that will leave you cringing if you get faint at the sight of some red stuff. However as scary as the film was for it’s time of release, marijuana has a way of lessening the fear factor somewhat. Sometimes I’ve been known to downright giggle at some of the scenes of mock torture in this flick, especially when you think about the consideration put forth by the villain Jigsaw. Needlessly complicated, gory to the max, this one is just more fun if you’re high.
Top 5 Stoned Netflix Picks For Halloween 2017 | The California Weed Blog
While some may prefer viewings of the original TV series based on the RL Stine’s books, the newest cinematic interpretation does an excellent job of combining many of the classic monsters and elements of the books into one satisfying 2 hour flick. A cavalcade of creatures will delight you after a slow start in this action-y romp that is fun for the whole family, even if you may partake in the adult fun before viewing. A unique meta-take on the source material that will leave you pondering other ways to interpret your childhood classics.
Top 5 Stoned Netflix Picks For Halloween 2017 | The California Weed Blog
In what may be a choice spurned by nostalgia than pure entertainment, this little known gem was one of my favorite movies growing up and I’m incredibly excited it’s finally found it’s way to Netflix for a larger audience to enjoy. Howie Mandell plays a blue Monster named Maurice who takes Fred Savage to the under the bed world of Monsters that can only be accessed until the sun comes up. Will their antics leave them trapped in Monster world forever? You’ll want to have plenty of edible candy on hand for this one as the sugar coated 80s tale will make you pine for simpler days.
What are your favorite flicks to blaze and enjoy? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget if you’re in the LA are and want to party California Weed Blog style celebrating the holiday, don’t miss TERP OR TREAT Saturday Oct 28th!

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