Sessions Says We Need for More Medical Marijuana “Competition”

During questioning regarding DEA and DOJ relations, AG Jeff Sessions said there was a need for more competition between farmers currently supplying medical marijuana for federal testing. When asked to clarify his position requesting additional farming applications, Sessions explained that the current regulations only allowing for one farm to provide samples is beyond restrictive. He was quoted as saying “There is one supplier of the marijuana for that research. People have asked that there be multiple sources of the marijuana for medicinal research and have asked that it be approved. I believe there are now 26 applications for approval of suppliers who would provide marijuana for medicinal research. Each one of those has to be supervised by the DEA, and I have raised questions about how many and let’s be sure we’re doing this in the right way because it costs a lot of money to supervise these [indecipherable]. I think it would be healthy to have some more competition in the supply.”


Sessions Says We Need for More Medical Marijuana "Competition"
While it is refreshing to hear AG Sessions make any statement in favor of medical marijuana, we can think of a few laws and regulations he could enact that truly help the cause; like removing cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 narcotics for instance. There are so many synthetic drugs that do more damage and cause more deaths in a month than Cannabis has EVER inflicted (Which is 0 deaths might I add).
Sessions comes from the old school mentality that has plagued the minds for almost 100 years. Unfortunately, it’s how the saying goes:
It’s easier to make someone believe in a lie than to convince that person that they’ve been lied to. 
Hopefully, with Sessions’s push for competition, new breakthroughs of research in Cannabis will emerge and the heightened Opioid Crisis will change the minds of the government. We can only hope more education will sway the hardened minds to our side, but look at their stance on Climate Change.

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