Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing Department Interview

Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing Department Interview

      After speaking with Alex Traverso from The Bureau of Cannabis Control, we wanted to get the perspective a county to see where they are at in the process. Our sites were set on Santa Cruz, who strives to become the next big spot in the Cannabis world. With the new laws under SB-94 (Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act) and AB-133, most of the legislation is left to the Counties and Incorporated Cities.

With Santa Cruz County being one of the first to declare full Commercial Legalization, they were the first on our list. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Loretta Moreno (Santa Cruz County Cannabis Resource Planner) & Robin Bolster-Grant (Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing Manager). Their interview was very insightful and fostered good faith in bringing the right regulations for our community. Below is our interview and questions that were asked. 

What brought you to this position? Is Cannabis a Passion?
Is your department on track for 2018?
What has been your Department’s Biggest Obstacle?
Is there a possibility of Cannabis Pesticide Regulations Permeating to all agricultural products?
When will all the Licensing Applications start?
What has been the Community’s Response to a Fully Legal County?
How many Licenses per Type will be Available?
Has there been confusion with getting both State and Local Licenses?
What is your Department’s response to Companies Staying Underground?
What is the Department’s Stance to On-Site Consumption and Events?
Does your Department have a close working relationship with the Bureau of Cannabis Control?
What are your thoughts on the Bureaus Legislation? Do you have any Suggestions that could help?
Are there any County Policies waiting on November’s Bureau Release?
How will Legalization affect the County’s Economy?
Do you have any advice for Counties Weary of Legalization?
What has been your Public Outreach to the Community?

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