Hemp Bombs, American based hemp CBD manufacturing company recently sent us some products for review. And while we’ve never heard of this company we are always excited to test out a new CBD product. They have a wide variety of CBD products ranging from edible CBD infused  gummy bears to a CBD syrup that can be mixed with your juice or drink of choice.


HEMP BOMBS CBD REVIEW | The California Weed Blog
Let me start by saying I personally have an extensive history with both Hemp and Cannabis derived CBD products. Their effects can vary greatly based on the quality and quantity of the cannabinoids used in their production as well as the method of extraction. Pair that with the astonishing amount of fake CBD products, many of which do not even contain CBD at all. Being lucky enough to live in a state that has recreational Marijuana I can say that I personally prefer the benefits Cannabis derived CBD has to offer over the Hemp CBD products; calming relaxation, better sleep, mild pain reduction, a sense of over all well being plus all the usual health benefits. Knowing that THC and CBD have a mutual and symbiotic relationship that produce these effects, I have always been skeptical of hemp derived CBD products similar to Hemp Bombs.
I’ll be the first to say it, these guys are the real deal. My first experience with their products was trying the extra strength gummies. I took it in the evening a few hours before I planned on going to sleep, as suggested. An hour later a sense of calmness and relaxation trickled over and I was out like a light about thirty minutes after that. Waking up was easy and I had the pleasant sense of being well rested.
HEMP BOMBS CBD REVIEW | The California Weed Blog
The next product I used, and my absolute favorite was the complete relaxation syrup. This stuff is STRONG! I definitely recommend sticking with the recommend serving size of 1 fluid ounce as it was plenty.


After reading the ingredients on this products supplemented label, it became apparent to me that this company has done their research, taken the time and hired the correct people to create their products formulations. Without going into extensive detail, I want to briefly touch on the two ingredients that when combined with CBD gives this syrup strong and beneficial calming effects.

HEMP BOMBS CBD REVIEW | The California Weed Blog
Gamma-aminobutyric acid

gamma-Aminobutyric acid is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. Its principal role is reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system. This is the neurotransmitter that all our brains produce to allow us to rest.

HEMP BOMBS CBD REVIEW | The California Weed Blog

Through medical studies, it has been found that L-Theanine effectively crosses the blood brain barrier. This means that a supplement or medication can interact directly with the brain. Once L-Theanine has reached the brain, it allows communication between brain cells to improve. In turn, cognition is improved. It has also been shown to increase one’s awareness, improve mood, and create a sense of relaxation.

The combination of these two organic chemicals combined with hemp derived CBD and a few other plant based extracts creates an amazingly potent syrup  that will definitely leave you glued to the couch. For my money this is probably one of the better relation/ sleep products on the market.

HEMP BOMBS CBD REVIEW | The California Weed Blog
All in all I love Hemp Bombs products. Although after taking them for a month I can’t say I notice a huge change in my daily life, however I did feel the effects shortly after each dose. I cant really find a lot of negatives with these products. They are affordable and effective. The only thing I didn’t like about the products is that some of them contain corn syrup. Maybe in the future they can find a suitable alternative sweetener. Even though I try to be healthy and not consume sugar I feel it is a fair trade off for all the great medicinal effects you get from these products. I would like to see what new and exciting supplements they come out with next.



Hemp Bombs CBD E-liquid might just be Good news for Vapors who are looking to enjoy a pleasant flavor, fat clouds and a good feeling throat hit. (PLUS SOME EXTRA RELAXATION)

As a daily vapor my go to juice is a VG/PG mix with a fruit flavoring and 3 Mg of nicotine. I usually consume about one small tank per day. I have been vaping the CBD e-liquid for two weeks now and don’t miss the nicotine at all. This is just my personal experience and not a claim that the CBD will help most people get off nicotine or any other additives or substances.



HEMP BOMBS CBD REVIEW | The California Weed Blog

After smoking a tank a day I have been pleasantly pleased with the product, the flavor I have been vaping is  exotic watermelon kush. It tastes like watermelon with some extra terps, I just wish it was a little more pronounced. They also have a great selection of delicious flavors like sugar cookie which have some pretty great reviews. Over all the product is pleasant tasting provides an adequate throat hit and gives me a nice relaxed feeling. I will be purchasing more and will continue to vape it on the regular.

Appearance 3/5 

All necessary information was properly displayed, however i think the packaging and label’s could use some refining. They look a little confused and have the same feeling a Scammy type of product might give you.

Taste 4.5/5 

All the product’s taste  amazing, probably one of the best CBD gummy bears I’ve had. If HempBombs could achieve the same flavors without corn syrup this rating would be a 5/5

Effects 4/5 

All products where potent and achieved the stated effects on the labels.

Overall 4/5

Never thought  hemp CBD could be as beneficial and potent as these Hemp Bomb products have been.


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